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Solar Panel & Controller
Solar Panel & Controller,Solar Panel, Built-in
Multi-crystalline or mono-crystalline solar cells
1-2 Watts for built-in application
Resin coating on panel
OEM service
Solar Panel & Controller,Solar Panel, with Mounting Frame
Cells imported from Europe to ensures quality and efficiency
Cells are laminated between tempered glass and TPT sheet by two sheets of EVA
to prevent from moisture
Anodized aluminum frame provides high wind resistance and convenient mounting
A water-proof versatile junction box provides flexibility of connection
ISO 9001 quality assurance, IEC 61215 & CE certified
3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 Watts, or OEM service
Solar Panel & Controller,PV Controller
For charge or discharge controlling in the solar applied system
Improves the utilization factor of solar cells and extend the lifetime of battery
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